My studio

I never talk much about myself and I am not much of a social media person. I am the old generation who grew up without hand phones and credit cards. Still, after the hurricane of December 1999 in France, I quitted smocking and bought a multimedia computer with my savings. I self taught how to […]

Live streaming

I am painting indoor right now and my neighbors cannot see me in my little outdoor studio. There are several reasons for painting indoor. First, I had sunburns a few weeks ago and had to heal my skin. Then, I am working with watercolors. The heat + bugs + flowers and leaves falling from the […]

Tower of light

I won’t submit this drawing for the concourse, but it inspired me a new project for the making of a Tower of Light. The tower will be made of 4 drawings, attached to form an elongated cube. Bellow the cube are 3 shelves with 3 different themes that relate to the expression of light and […]

Once Upon a Time

Few weeks ago, I made a sketch with watercolor from the photo of a terracotta bust. I have copied this sketch with tracing paper and transferred the drawing on watercolor paper to draw with my inks. This drawing will be part of a larger sublimation on textile which I call “Once Upon a Time”. I […]

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