Anger and so much deception

I read this article on the news today that the US forces are searching to rescue the female soccer team from Afghanistan. Women who play soccer, at risk of loosing their lives for running after a ball.

I find this story very sad in the context of immigration, poverty, unemployment, housing shortage and so many homeless people in the US.  While thousands of Americans are living in tents, Afghans will be offered houses, food, money and jobs by the army and why? Because the army made mistakes.

In my perspective, the anger is different. I don’t play soccer. I have been in the US for 6 years waiting for the immigration services to make a decision on my case. I am due to appear in front of an immigration judge in October and after rebuilding my life for 6 years, I am threaten to be deported. All that because I was a scientist. I feel it terribly unfair to be threatened constantly of deportation when women soccer players are offered asylum. The next step for them now, is to make babies in the US, because that’s the way it works here.

I feel so much disgust. I really don’t know if I want to fight to stay in the US, exhibiting my evidences and being judged like a criminal. For 6 years, I have been enslaved in this immigration system but now, the only certitude I have is that I am too old to restart my life somewhere else. I am fed up, tired and disgusted. I feel disgusted that someone can go in front of the same judge and say, I am a woman, I played soccer in Afghanistan, and that’s it, She will have a green card in a system clotted with limited space where scientists are treated like dirt. This is so unfair.

The ambiance in the studio today is to cry. I was writing another post. I usually bend my back and say nothing about immigration, but here, I wanted to remember and my readers to remember.

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