Cartoons are back !!!!!

Here I am back with my cartoons, and I know that it is for the great displeasure of some politicians, but I have decided to bother another category of people, so as to say generals of the very specific country of the people on picture. I am not going to mention the name of this country, because I had already enough troubles and I am censoring myself from telling some words, so instead of mentioning the country, I am going to use the F****e word to mention the country and when I refer to the people, I will use de f****h word.

I have been turning the question in my head for a while, either to post or to not post, but after some troubled water with F****e, I posted my story on Linkedin. While illustrating my story, I found a document written by two politicians, a left wig and a right wig, who both together as one brain, made a report for the f****h senate. I spent the full day yesterday reading this report which is only 38 pages, but it was full of snails and f***h propaganda. Page 19, I had already made a dozen sketches and decided to turn them into a drawing book. It happened that I had a pink note book with a silk cover. I did not rush into it and let myself to pass the night, have a though, a second though and a third one. Finally, I decided to create a new website entirely dedicated to my political cartoons and the particular subject of this senate document.

The senate document was written on July 2020, and is simply an information document about the military industry of F****e, but the name given to this industry, which I cannot say here, would translate into “DICK”, so I registered a website called “small dick” to publish my cartoons and the main character is named Ptitebitd, from the name of this industry. Of course, Ptitebitd will wear the same costume as above, because he is just not a regular guy and he will wear a hat, like some guy above.

As I am a business woman, I am thinking of turning the Ptitebitd story into a souvenir shop, with toys and postcards. The name of this shop will be Ultima Bond, which was my knitting website (for real). Other than cartooning, I knit and I crochet so if someone asks whose this grandma, you can tell from my little toys. I am Grandma Ultima Bond, illustrator, writer, translator and craftswoman.

The story of Ptitebitd I am going to tell is a true story, but turned into a derision to highlight the cynicism of f****h politicians. Something is going on, which I call a mafia and my purpose with my drawings is to explain how F****e has become a heaven where this mafia thrives. All numbers I will use are true numbers. All events I will tell are true events and if only I change the choreography, it is only to highlight the traits and the ideology of some people, politicians, CEOs, directors, generals and their troops.

Cartoons are a risky business but I only had two choices:

– either I read, I analyse, I come to an understanding and I stay silent,

– either I read, I analyse, I come to an understanding and I explain.

Also the second option is difficult, particularly in my personal context, I have given a lot of thoughts and decided to explain because the world is changing and not in a good way. I want to explain the change to the younger generations and I want to explain what I would call a dream. I did not find this dream when I came in America, but everyday I am given the opportunity to participate in it and I feel that my silent would harm my dream, I feel that this dream is worth to fight for. Humor and cartoons are a universal language that can go beyond the words and I have decided to go into this journey of telling a true story in pictures. The story of f****h Ptitebitd, a small dick, with a hat.

The name, “DICK” was given to this industry on purpose, by the people of this industry themselves. This industry is represented mainly by men with a woman as a minister and every women who had this position in the government have been tighten with only one word to never say a thing about the DICK. This industry has become covered with the omerta of the DICK word and everything inside is governed as a feudal plutocracy where f****h people are racketed. Instead of drugs, this industry sells weapons with all the strong political signification that it may have on F****e and abroad. The DICK presents itself as a salvation industry while the money it takes is the money that other industries do not have. It creates an escalation of problems where the DICK, again, presents itself as the savior. There is a strong propaganda around the narratives of the DICK and this propaganda has become a politics with two wigs and only one brain. In my story, I will call it the Neuron. If you go deeper into this story by reading my Linkedin articles, you will decipher the real name of the Neuron and you will see how it is affiliated with mafia.

The title of my story is “Ptitebitd au pays de Dawa”. It is written in f****h language but the text itself will be a mix of f****h and English to profit a larger audience. There is something to learn from the adventures of Ptitebitd and it is related to my writing about religion, sexuality in religion and women. I will let Ptitebitd explain with his own words how secularism in Dawa made him a f***h model.

So far, I have drafted some characters which may improve in time. The design, the colors, the scénarisation may change and I will ask my readers to participate with votes and comments. I have never written a full book of cartoons and I have never been into this slippery subject, but DICK is here that does exist for real and just like a mom would explain periods, sexuality, contraception, abortion, birth and life, I am going to explain the f****h politics and how their perversions may alter our tranquility. Ptitebitd is a small guy, but he only wants to fù*k, and better it is to identify this guy really quick because he is going to try to fù*k you. That’s what he is, a bonobo, large ears, a stupid look and a small hat above his nose to hide his two wigs, the neck like a turtle and small boots. He can fit within a sock to hide his bulges and his mouth looks like peanuts, upside down. DICK people think they are smart but I will demonstrate how other people are smarter than them. I will also demonstrate how DICK is wrong. In some way, I am planning on making a drawing revolution to leave a legacy that may not sound like silence.

DICK is very violent, it has already killed many, many times and I know the risks I am taking in telling this story, but I just can’t stand to hear the DICK without telling a word, and again, better than words are my cartoons. I am not planning to respond the DICK’s cries and public complaints, I have more decency. I am just going to explain official documents that are available to the public, where DICK is being involved. You’ll see how Ptitebitd infiltrated F****e to become the Godfather and how a Godmother is going to kick his ass with a crochet and humor. As many women would say, men are just kids, so let treat them that way to show how “Ptitebitd au pays de Dawa” may teach grown men a lesson. 

I have been cartooning since I am a kid and always felt that I was not really good at it until a f****h colonel picked up my drawings to the troops. There is a story behind this Ptitebitd story which is me feeling fù*ked and not in the good way. After analyzing and telling my story, I came to understand many things about Ptitebitd that most of the public may not know and in a time just like now, where 1 over 500 Americans have died during a pandemic, I feel the urge to tell everything I know. The risks, sometimes, are just a second thought after reading Ptitebitd’s propaganda on the senate document. Ptitebitd’s boots are red carmine, just like some political agenda and Ptitebitd has blood on his hands, people who suicide, people who are murdered, people who disappear. Under the wigs is a Neuron that contaminated more brains than the Simpsons and this Neuron hits by ignorance, when people don’t want to know. With humor, I bring them to know what the politics will never say, not even anchors and newspapers, the DICK is taboo. With cartoons, I will make the mugshot and the psychological profile of the Ptitebitd as one of his victims known him, cynical, dark and dishonest. It will be the story of a sovereignty sunk into darkness where “Ptitebitd au pays de Dawa” finds himself alone, bygone.

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