How to buy original artwork

You will find on this website different kinds of products:

  • “Original products” are the handmade finished product usually painted on paper, fabrics and frames. It is sold “as is” with the original colors and various techniques I may use. Those originals are valuable on the art market, what means that the value of each “original product” may increase with time, especially if digital copies are used in various publications. As a consequence, they are not cheap from the very beginning and mostly because being an artist is a job.
  • “Digital copies” are a high definition copy of the “original product”. They are sold through printing process on various material available through various printing companies. You might find an “original product” resized to a different scale and applied on various support such curtains, rugs, wall paper, posters, etc…
  • “Digital creations” can be made with “digital copies” of “original products”, but they can be modified, corrected, colors can be changed and various artwork may be assembled into one new “digital creation”. Digital creations are sold through printing process and some of them may be downloaded.

All three kinds of products are copyrighted what means that you cannot use them, transform them, modify them without an authorization. This authorization must be requested to the ADAGP who manages all my artist rights. If you buy an “original product” and want to sell it, auction it or make money with it, you must request an authorization with the ADAGP.

For the first purchase of an “original product”, a sale price is suggested and you can make a different offer either up or down. If you raise the price up, you support my work. If you submit a lower price, I need to know your motivations and how you are going to promote my work to help me sell more. Once you submit a price offer, we start a negotiation that you can follow in the “negotiator” tab on the upper menu. All sales on other websites such Amazon and Etsy are non negotiable. To negotiate a price, you must buy from

Different factors define the price of art and this is variable accordingly to the artist more than it is with his art. It might sounds unfair, but some very good artists sell for a low price while their art is very good quality. Some other artists will sell for a higher price while their art may sometimes be less valuable. Still, the whole process of artistry makes low quality artwork valuable because it participates in the story of one very good piece and a good artist will always have this very good piece, even if 99% of his art is crap.

Art is made of stories, people, research, audacity. Daring a technique, experiencing colors, discovering a language and expressing through this language all kind of emotions that may excuse all the lows for the unique very exclusive high. Art is a dedication from a person to explore some aspects of the society and translating into images what words may not know. The mastering of this language takes time and the market is usually quite fair with artists who take this time because it brings the whole world up in the same direction as this unique very rare piece of art. All artists have a query in mastering this collective experience of art, and this makes the price.

As an artist, I have been published by an international organization, some of my drawings participate in the preservation of architectural assets, I am in two museums with different kinds of drawings and different stories that brought each piece where they are. Those stories make my art valuable and possibly bankable each time I continue to paint, write and dedicate myself into a query. Being bankable, one piece of art you buy today may be worth x10, x1000 its price later. It is you, as the buyer to survey and find the gold mine.

Some prices may be too high for you to purchase an “original product”, but all artwork have “digital copies” that you can purchase for a very affordable price. Be fair when you make an offer on an “original product”. The price is paying my studio, my paint, my frames, my papers, my home, my car, my insurance, my food, my health care and everything I need to keep on going painting and delivering art.

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