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I am painting indoor right now and my neighbors cannot see me in my little outdoor studio. There are several reasons for painting indoor. First, I had sunburns a few weeks ago and had to heal my skin. Then, I am working with watercolors. The heat + bugs + flowers and leaves falling from the trees do not let me to work my colors properly and then, I need to paint flat horizontal and cannot work with an easel. An other reason also are the techniques I am using which I prefer to keep secret for now. Lastly, I wash my paper abundantly and when drying too fast with the heat, it breaks the paper.

The painting I am making right now is a sublimation meant to be transferred on fabric. It is a series of several drawings which I am going to assemble in a collage. I have 7 other drawings that I am painting at the same time while making my colors.

You can follow the evolution of my work on Twitch:
I am not a talkative person, so I do not make any comment. What you see on my channel is just a camera above my desk as I paint. I don’t chat, I don’t read messages and I don’t talk. The background sound of the TV talks for me and it gives you a general glance at me working in my studio. For the watercolors, I need to keep the room cool so you might hear the air conditioner, but it is part of my painting process.

I won’t broadcast everything, but I will go live when some of my work maybe interesting to show. You can activate the notifications on my channel, so you know when I go live, and you can follow me on my channel to access more functionalities. Lastly, you can support my work with a donation, a sponsorship or simply a Patreon membership.

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