Point of View

I have finished the submission of my artwork with the art concourse, but my artist activity is continuing on 5 different projects which all, are related. I expect to find a gallery in Los Angeles or/and New York who would accept to exhibit all my artwork at once as different parts of a same story. The story is the evolution of humanity through coercive religions and law systems.

The drawing above is one of a series to be printed. I did not print it yet because I am waiting for some money from an insurance claim, and from there, to buy some fabric or at least to have the option for choosing my fabric. Just now, I have cotton, and would like to see if I can find silk or beautiful linens that would add a better quality to the final result. This drawing will be mounted to narrate a story and I am taking classes to bind books. I have also taken classes to learn how to make paper and I have collected materials to make paper. Part of my series will be printed on home made paper. I need also to invest some money on a press, which I will have after the insurance pays me.

The concourse has led me to start 5 art projects. Two of them are almost finished to be assembled and printed on fabric. Two others are 30% done. Now that the temperatures cool down in Los Angeles, I can restart the process of printing outdoor. I have smaller pieces that will be printed on SPACEX parachute. I’ll tell you the story when it is time.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the concourse, because it has put me in this schedule of drawing everyday from morning to night. I usually go to sleep when I am too tired and first thing in the morning, after reading the news, is to draw all day. I am happy also that I started this Patreon page. I have been registered for a long time, I have developed my website, and finally found it perfect to blog on Patreon. Since I registered with the concourse, I have more followers on Facebook and Instagram and I think that I have now a routine that I did not have before. Over all, I have already won this part of me that I was searching for a while.

If ever, who knows, I would win something about money with this concourse, I will use the funds to develop my sublimation techniques. I would like to teach and create a Youtube channel, but before that, I want to create products that I can sell in stores. I have a clear idea of the business plan, but I would probably patent and trademark my work into a small art and crafts company. My goal is to develop natural watercolors from the plants of my garden and sell them. Well, I will have to enlarge my garden or go prospect for suppliers.

All this artwork has been a slow process of writing, researching, drafting, sketching, assembling and coloring. I need to learn, now, how I can make money to live and buy my materials. It sounds difficult and simple at once. Difficult to find the “vein” and easy once I have it. I am lucky to live in Los Angeles where we have so many affordable art shows. With my sublimations, I would like to perfect my technique and maybe work with some movie companies to make large, very large watercolor sublimations.

Just now, I am finishing some other stuff which I will describe in a different post, so stay tune and if you feel you like my work, thank you to Patreon me.

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