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In the textile industry, a sublimation is a technique that consists in printing a motive on paper and transferring the ink from the paper to fabric. To create my artwork, instead of printing on paper, I am drawing on the paper and then transferring to the fabric.

In psychology, a sublimation is the diversion of the energy of a sexual or other biological impulse from its immediate goal to one of a more acceptable social, moral, or aesthetic nature or use. More generally, a sublimation is also a purification or refinement, an ennoblement.

The colors I am using are mixed with salts that form into crystals when the water evaporates and I find this texture very interesting to work with. I feel like painting directly with gemstones that heat and vapors are going to transform into an hazardous fusion with the fabric and just like ceramics in the kiln, I love this part of the hazard. I like that the folding and the addition of the mist will create something that evaporates from my control to only keep the esters from my soul, that part of my emotions that I put in creating artwork.

I am working now on a series which I called “Viewpoint”. This series is made of 7 drawings that I am transferring on to paper and to fabrics in different versions. The sublimation is a watercolor version, both on paper and on fabric. I am making another version to be printed from linoleum and embellished with inks. Patreons can follow my process in making those series.

Next to this series, I am planning to illustrate two projects. One first project is the pitch for a movie on religious architecture, so I am going to draw the storyboard. The second project is an illustrated book for children. Both stories are already written and patreons can signup to receive a dedicated copy of the prints.

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