Tower of light

I won’t submit this drawing for the concourse, but it inspired me a new project for the making of a Tower of Light. The tower will be made of 4 drawings, attached to form an elongated cube. Bellow the cube are 3 shelves with 3 different themes that relate to the expression of light and above the cube is a lantern.

The lantern and 2 sculptures on the shelves are made of polymer clay. I made the core of the sculptures and need to add the colors. One sculpture on one shelve will be a mix of pyrograph design on wood and polymer clay. The drawings will be made of felt pen on paper and covered with translucid paint to resist water. Inside the cube, a light will show the stain glass effect of felt pen on paper. 

I am in the process of making the Tower of Light along with the other projects for the concourse, and will show each element as I finish them. This tower of light is related to my work on geometry,.

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