California wild fires


Dimensions: 8.25′ x 14′

Series of file folios

Color pencil on sketching paper

Year: 2020

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I made this series to illustrate a post in my blog in response to California wild fires.

The first drawing shows Czechoslovakia before the velvet revolution, with the communist state controlling the supply and people waiting in line in front of the “stores”. They don’t take initiatives to open new stores and they would be barred anyway from initiatives. Among the people, there is the cooperative leader, the drunk twins, the big stomach woman and the mother in slippers with her kid. Behind them, people are like ghosts.

The second drawing makes a parallel between communism and religion with the stain glasses, the carmine outfits, one man cutting the bread and the other one giving one little slice to the starving people. The people have lost their humanity with animal shapes and attitudes. This is not how they are. This is how they have become with the system.

Third drawing shows the California wild fires with people running away and the red shadows of communism. I made this parallel between the fire and communism because people “work with the system”. They don’t work with their wisdom or their consciousness. They blame each other, and I am particularly tired to hear the governor martel his rhetoric about climate change while fires also occur when people do not change, when they don’t adapt, when they don’t observe and don’t prevent those kinds of events. In California, they talk of “fire season” which is certainly one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I wanted to make a parallel with the loss of intelligence that turns humans into animals. I say this as a metaphor. I have a high respect to the animal kingdom. In fact, humans are animals in the bright sense of instinct and intelligence but people who lose their humanity have lost their instincts, their abilities to care and to survive.

The fourth drawing is a parody and it is connected to the fifth drawing. On the fifth drawing, people are burning alive and they try anything they can to save what they have, their piggy bank. It is also a parallel to the 3 little pigs story. Since they cannot run away with their pigs, they throw them in the air and the pigs land on the fourth drawing where the cowboy is wondering what happen, the butcher is observing the “fire season”, what coincides also to the “meat season”, falling down from the sky. The little girl in pink is eating a lollypop made with sausage and has turned the same color as the pigs.

Those drawings are a anger relief, something deep inside me that I did not know how to say and needed to express someway. They are sold all together.



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