I don’t have TV at home by choice but I continuously “watch” classic (and less classic) movies. I usually play them on my small tablet connected with Bluetooth surround sound and I paint with this familiar entertainment around me. Enjoy my playlists.

French movies

In France, I used to have dozens of DVDs of American movies. Since I am in the US, I mostly watch French movies and I discover classics that I had never seen before.

French theater

When I was a teenager, I used to watch theater on TV once a week. It was a happy time when you know you are going to meet wonderful people. Theater was usually live and unpredictable.

My favorite show ever

I could watch with show non-stop. I love the kindness, the happiness and the sweetness of this show.

Hollywood movies

A playlist of American and international movies. Some movies are in foreign languages, with English subtitles.

Fire place

When I was a kid, We used to have lunch with friends and play cards after lunch in front of the fire place. The sound of the fire place reminds me a place called Qincampoix where I have wonderful souvenirs.

Rain and storms

Ambient music

French music

This playlist is my youth, happy souvenirs.

My favorite show when I was a young pre-teenager

This is a show by Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, a moment of full happiness when I used to sing and dance in front of the TV.


I have a special playlist for Barbara. She represents a friendship I had in my 20s and many souvenirs.

Classic music

When I traveled to Italy in 1989, I bought a set of cassettes with the opera of Verdi and rehearsals with Herbert van Karajan. I loved to hear the rehearsals, how the maestro brings the orchestra together. I start this playlist with the rehearsal. All other musics are like old friends, music I have listened at some points of my life that bring back my memories.

If you listen to Handel and burn some Papier d’Arménie, you have a taste of my universe.


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