Christianity – part 1

Let’s start with a very important statement: I believe that Jesus born in year 0000 is a myth. Accordingly to the Rabbinic historical sources, the Temple of Solomon would have been built in 832 BCE and its destruction would have occurred 410 later, in 422 BCE. Other secular sources date the construction in 957 BCE and the  […]

Host a live art session

If you have a restaurant, a coffee shop or indoor theater that you cannot open to the public, and still, you want your public to stay emotionally engaged to your place, you can organize live art sessions. During live art sessions, we will use food and flowers as a model to learn colors, light and […]

How to buy original artwork

You will find on this website different kinds of products: “Original products” are the handmade finished product usually painted on paper, fabrics and frames. It is sold “as is” with the original colors and various techniques I may use. Those originals are valuable on the art market, what means that the value of each “original […]

Who is Eima BLANK

I moved to the United-States in February 2015 and while waiting for my immigration papers, I started to blog to transition from France to the US. Since my very first day in the US, people have been asking why I am not married and of course they came with suggestions that I shall marry. I […]

A brand new website

I am excited to present my brand new website. It is the fusion of different websites made in the past and converted into this advanced boutique where you can purchase both original artwork, art prints and fashion items made with my illustrations. I have imported in the blog some of my writings that continue to […]

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