Point of View

I have finished the submission of my artwork with the art concourse, but my artist activity is continuing on 5 different projects which all, are related. I expect to find a gallery in Los Angeles or/and New York who would accept to exhibit all my artwork at once as different parts of a same story. […]

Oh man!

Something happened today that I can only relate since I participated in this. I live in a beautiful RV park and someone arrived last night quite late with a gigantic RV. He parked next to me, I helped him, and that was it. This morning, he filled his tank of water and was getting ready […]

Hagia Irene explained

On December 15, 2018, I wrote a post titled “What Really Drives me Inside“ and I want to tell a little bit more about Hagia Irene in order to explain why I believe that this architecture has a universal value. I suggest to show you the architectural features at first, then to transpose life into […]

Anger and so much deception

I read this article on the news today that the US forces are searching to rescue the female soccer team from Afghanistan. Women who play soccer, at risk of loosing their lives for running after a ball. I find this story very sad in the context of immigration, poverty, unemployment, housing shortage and so many […]


Reading the news yesterday, I found this article about Harvard saying “The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist” by Emma Goldberg. I passed the day and went to sleep, when this article woke me up with a question: Is this political Judaism?  Something has been bothering me for a while which maybe is related […]

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