I am seeking nine sponsors each month, contributing $300 each (totaling $2,700/month) to support the production of AI artwork books. Each book will range from 200 to 240 pages and will be published with Blurb, available for sale through social media. The publications adopt a large landscape format (13×11 inches or 33×28 cm) on Mohawk ProPhoto Pearl paper, featuring half of each volume as full-page publications that can be cut and custom framed.

Every image within the volumes is equipped with a QR code, allowing buyers to register online for downloading high-definition images included in the purchased volume. These QR codes are exclusive to the buyer whose name appears on the invoice, ensuring that digital content is accessible only to the buyer, not public spaces such as libraries. Corporate buyers have the option to purchasing credits for their readers and offering digital images as part of their services. Each volume has an ISBN, and masterpieces are registered with the WIPO.

Business sponsor names, logos, and websites commence on page 3 of the publication, with nine logos per page and a dedicated sponsor page for each participating sponsor every month. Distribution occurs on Blurb, Amazon, and over 30,000 bookstores partnering with Ingram, including Barnes and Noble. Additionally, a newsletter is disseminated among sponsors’ networks, social media, posts, articles, exhibits and any communication platform such as Google and Instagram stories. Individual sponsors contributing through Patreon, GoFundMe, Paypal, Givebutter or this page, have their names listed following the sponsors’ logos, and any anonymous donations are totaled in each publication. Sponsor names, logos, and website links are permanently added to the front page stories carousel on eimablank.com.

Each volume will be made available in French and in English and both will be distributed in francophone and Anglophone countries, advertised across consulates, libraries, museums, art galleries, and various industries such as architecture, engineering, law, medical supply chains, hospitality, tourism, film, food, and more. Sponsors receive a contract detailing the publication where their logo will be displayed. The plan is to release a minimum of one publication a month, more with increased sponsors. If publications exceed two per month, sponsorships will fund gig employees for editing and translations.

The minimum sponsorship amount for a logo on one publication is $300, with larger amounts being multiples of $300 for appearances in several publications over several months. A single sponsor can finance one full publication ($2,700) and have a dedicated chapter from pages 3 to 6 of the publication. Alternatively, sponsors can finance a collection, such as those already started:

  1. The creation of responsive characters
  2. Making documentaries with AI
  3. Legal aspects of art with AI
  4. How to become an AI professional artist
  5. The creation of Martha
  6. Sketching
  7. Funny art
  8. Noir photography
  9. Art photography
  10. Primitive art
  11. Cubism
  12. Surrealism
  13. Dada
  14. Art deco
  15. Abstract
  16. Bahaus
  17. Pop art
  18. Futurism
  19. Papier collé
  20. Céramiques
  21. Fashion
  22. Muses
  23. Styles
  24. Creating styles
  25. From AI to real art

Any sponsor beyond the $2,700 threshold will contribute to organizing in-person classes to teach art inspired from AI artwork across various mediums, such as ceramics, intaglio prints, watercolor, acrylic, paper collé, sketches, and other art forms led by paid artists. Furthermore, 10% of all sales of the books and printed images will be directed to the SAB Center to cover gallery costs and contribute to the development of [RMPRESS], an initiative to publish scientific content which I support.

To sponsor my work, contact can be made online, via email, or phone at 702-706-2307. Monthly sponsorship closes on the 21st for publication on the 1st of the following month. A publication begins once nine sponsors are secured, and a sponsor exceeding $300/month is allocated a full page for business presentation. A sponsor contributing the full amount of $2,700 receives four pages for business representation.





Soon available, starting on 04/01/2024. You can pre-register here.



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