Oh man!

Something happened today that I can only relate since I participated in this. I live in a beautiful RV park and someone arrived last night quite late with a gigantic RV. He parked next to me, I helped him, and that was it. This morning, he filled his tank of water and was getting ready […]

Hagia Irene explained

On December 15, 2018, I wrote a post titled “What Really Drives me Inside“ and I want to tell a little bit more about Hagia Irene in order to explain why I believe that this architecture has a universal value. I suggest to show you the architectural features at first, then to transpose life into […]

Anger and so much deception

I read this article on the news today that the US forces are searching to rescue the female soccer team from Afghanistan. Women who play soccer, at risk of loosing their lives for running after a ball. I find this story very sad in the context of immigration, poverty, unemployment, housing shortage and so many […]


Reading the news yesterday, I found this article about Harvard saying “The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist” by Emma Goldberg. I passed the day and went to sleep, when this article woke me up with a question: Is this political Judaism?  Something has been bothering me for a while which maybe is related […]

My studio

I never talk much about myself and I am not much of a social media person. I am the old generation who grew up without hand phones and credit cards. Still, after the hurricane of December 1999 in France, I quitted smocking and bought a multimedia computer with my savings. I self taught how to […]

Live streaming

I am painting indoor right now and my neighbors cannot see me in my little outdoor studio. There are several reasons for painting indoor. First, I had sunburns a few weeks ago and had to heal my skin. Then, I am working with watercolors. The heat + bugs + flowers and leaves falling from the […]

Tower of light

I won’t submit this drawing for the concourse, but it inspired me a new project for the making of a Tower of Light. The tower will be made of 4 drawings, attached to form an elongated cube. Bellow the cube are 3 shelves with 3 different themes that relate to the expression of light and […]

Once Upon a Time

Few weeks ago, I made a sketch with watercolor from the photo of a terracotta bust. I have copied this sketch with tracing paper and transferred the drawing on watercolor paper to draw with my inks. This drawing will be part of a larger sublimation on textile which I call “Once Upon a Time”. I […]


In the textile industry, a sublimation is a technique that consists in printing a motive on paper and transferring the ink from the paper to fabric. To create my artwork, instead of printing on paper, I am drawing on the paper and then transferring to the fabric. In psychology, a sublimation is the diversion of […]

The Graal

This artwork is the sublimation of a collage of watercolors. The technique of sublimation consists in drawing and painting on paper and transferring the image on a textile. Here I made several drawings placed on the fabric and sublimated by the transfer of the colors. I created the background on the collage what resulted in […]


This photography was made in 2008, few steps away from the Abbey of Clairmont in Mayenne, France. I invite you to read my previous post about the tree. Jesus is crucified on the tree, there is no cross behind him. He is covered with spider nets and burnished over the years standing there in the […]


This tree is an architecture with an axiality on Mary and Anna, two large towers on the sides and the contrasts of colors with green leaves at the bottom and aged wood at the top. I photographed this tree in 2008, few steps away from the Abbey of Clairmont in Mayenne, France. The Abbey was […]

La Nouvelle Coudée Royale

Passer de la coudée institutionnellement admise à celle d’une valeur sans préalables échos  est une audace mesurable au nombre de comparaisons qu’il a fallu calculer pour vérifier chaque dessin. Devenue obsessionnelle à force de calculs, il n’y avait que le dessin pour parvenir à l’étude d’une pyramide construite par la magie des nombres déroulés à […]

Goniomètre solaire

     Parmi les premières esquisses réalisées à la lecture du Mystère des Pyramides, le dessin n°17 évoque l’analyse issue de mes interrogations pour tenter de comprendre les phénomènes naturels qui pouvaient influer sur l’orientation de Khéops. Distribuée Nord-Sud, la précision appliquée à Khéops est de 3 minutes 6 secondes d’écart avec la direction du Nord vrai, […]

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