My muse

I started learning AI with Decohere and then moved to Midjourney, Runway and others. I have been experimenting for a while and also AI photography brings a lot of satisfaction with high quality images, I was bothered by the fact that AI images are not real. At the same time, I could see the tremendous […]


You may have seen a little change on the front page. I added stories with the goal to post one video a day. I started by publishing shorts on YouTube and people don’t watch them, so rather than having the ugly short videos with the YouTube branding, I switched to Google Stories because Google brings […]

Work with AI like an artist

Read in French | Spanish | find translator at the bottom of the page for any other language. AI is a wonderful opportunity to carry on with school teaching, improve language, wording, grammar, relearn definitions, and also relearn how to draw. Mostly, AI users create photography and illustrations with preset styles, but if you own […]


Read in English | Spanish | find translator at the bottom of the page for any other language. L’intelligence artificielle est un média relativement récent qui soulève de nombreuses discussions sur la légitimité artistique des artistes synthographes. Je me place à ce sujet comme photographe et comme artiste graphique, c’est-à-dire quelqu’un qui utilise l’un ou […]

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Stroke, maze and pen pressure Vectors, tones and vanishing Hatch, shell and indigo Cubism, hatch sanguine and primitivism