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Did you ever found yourself in front a blank page not knowing how to start narrating your ideas, then you go in the library and try to learn from others. This is exactly what AI does to me, not because I lack imagination, but rather the lack of exploration. I know few techniques and apply the techniques I know while AI shows variations that don’t question the technicity. When I learnt professional photography, I wanted to make platinum photography and did not have the space, the lab or the money for it, so I started to simply take raw photographs of a scene and learn to create a style with Lightroom. I played with platinum tones for a while and either I would have old photography tones which are nice for a while, but I felt that could not evolve. I was limited with the technique.

Using AI photography, I have played with my ideas to figure out various styles and the following picture is one of a series that really satisfy me. It is modern and yet there is this platinum tone that makes it look antique. The theme is not modern and composing the following picture, I was thinking of Julia Margaret Cameron, finding these expressions, dress codes and scenography.

Midjourney can replicate styles from artists if you provide their names. I made a rule to not do it any more. I tried on few pictures to apply the style “Yoann Lossel” once and I did not like the feeling of stealing something. Instead, when I like a style, I now try to learn from analyzing it and trying to replicate it myself because on the process of understanding a style, I find many more functionalities that guide me into art and developing my artistry, with my own style, my own personality, my emotions and expressions. Artistry is really more than just a style but this is not an excuse to copy others.

When I experimented the style “Yoann Lossel“, I ended up with faces and sad expressions while the expressions I was looking for where more “cinematic”. From trying to replicate a grain, a tone, textures and atmosphere of colors, I ended up creating my own style, something that I could replicate without fears of plagiarism. I also ended up creating my own characters, studio models that I could use to better experiment my styles. I ended up learning lights and camera angles. AI is a movie kind of photography with movie expressions and language. Once I figured how to direct the robot, the robot just obeyed and from there, we can alter presets. Art is in the alteration process I believe, once a simple prompt cannot replicate what you have created.

In the future of AI, the legal system will have to adapt with the wording but more importantly are the sequences, because art resides in being the artist, not having the robot to decide for the artist. I see various legal aspects for AI that I am going to explain in my books and if you have not done so, please consider to sponsor me or to donate through any of my donation platforms.

If you like the content of this website, please consider to make a donation. I have setup a Gofundme page, a Givebutter page, an individual Stripe page, a business Stripe page (for donations from businesses with tax information), a Paypal page, a donation by SMS system (text 3WORDSADAY to 53-555). I am not begging, I am explaining how it is important to continue manipulating images with AI for a good cause. This involves hours and hours of hard work, a good state of mind and a purpose. Art and documentaries are my purpose.

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