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AI is a wonderful opportunity to carry on with school teaching, improve language, wording, grammar, relearn definitions, and also relearn how to draw. Mostly, AI users create photography and illustrations with preset styles, but if you own a camera, you know that the presets of your camera are not going to make you a photograph. It takes more to it to become a photograph and even more to become an artist.

During covid-19, I took classes to learn how to become a successful professional artist, what means someone capable of making a full time employment from art and living decently on it. From all videos I watched, all classes I took, the pattern is about work, work and work. Then it is about quality of delivering. Then it is about the continuity in the pattern of producing often and good quality. It is not about quantity, but good quality quantity, what means that art is always about improvement. Do and improve. Learn and improve. Find a style and improve. What classes don’t teach and that I have been looking for a long time was myself, and AI gave it to me after I applied the pattern of working and trying to improve quality.

As any artist may know, you are lucky if you can produce a good piece at first try but from visiting few artists homes in France, I know that good artists always try, and try and try again. It is what I have been doing with AI to deconstruct the presets and create my own style, something with which I could identify as an artist, something I would want to reproduce with real paint, something that would inspire me.

Sketching has been my pattern, following the thread of my ideas until exhaustion and doing this several times with several styles until finally I could “break” the machine into forms and lines that would leave place to imagination. I am adding new drawings in the gallery and if you consider becoming a sponsor, thank you. Books will teach how I made it, why I made it and rather than copying my style, how other artists can learn AI to get inspired too.

The world of AI works in 3D. Anything the robot will try to design is imagined as a 3D scene with volumes, a depth of field, lights, sharpness, colors, vividness, a background and a foreground. It is a scene. At the beginning of photography, inventors tried to replicate the art printed on the retina and figure out a process to capture a 3D image into 2D in order to compose a flat rendering and if you look into the history of art, it has been the concept since always, how to render the real world from 3D to 2D. AI does not really render in 2D. It only renders the photography of a 3D scene which is built by the robot.

When drawing with AI, you need to apply the photographic process in order to render a 3D composition made by the AI robot into 2D and find a language to communicate with the robot and translate styles. The style is going to be the way how the robot will render the 3D image into 2D. For example, to replace all the colors with monochrome tones or create a camaieu, masking areas or altering the picture. AI already has preset styles that an artist can use and still compose something unique, but I found interesting how preset were only a “material”, a piece of “equipment”, such as choosing a camera, lenses or chose a kind of paint or a pencil. The style is the “media” for rendering the image and there is plenty of space where an artist can slide to compose artistry. This space resides in the metadata of the space that we order the robot to compose. It takes some steps that imprint the image with information that will “facet” the style. I mean that “faceting” the image will reflect the style just like a material will reflect light.

AI has more to do with photography than proper graphic art, but you cannot really improve in your style if you don’t have the graphic thoughts to reproduce the pattern of working, improving and looking for quality. AI, is like playing a music instrument. At some point, you have to forget about the instrument and let inspiration guide you. That’s when you find a thread that helps you pull inspiration and being a graphic artist, this inspiration only comes with the desire to produce, to achieve a piece of art.

As with photography, I tend to believe that you can only be a complete photographer when you print, what means that you choose the paper, the format, the dimensions of your print and the frame, but this may be a little bit too extremist for this epoch. I believe that artists must live with their epoch and there is time when you can be an artisan but there is time also when being an artisan becomes frustrating because you are led to produce indefinitely to survive and it takes time. AI, along with alternative ways to print with industrial mean are a way to sustain being an artist. At some point, you cannot be an artist only to please art collectors and being an artist everyday has to be more than just “making”. I find that AI leaves place to imagination more than ever. The speed to experiment, the profusion of samples and the full range of really affordable possibilities it offers are a real plus in the creative process.

I personally believe that AI has a promising future into art, as long as the legislature follows. Not all robots are made equal in front the law and this is a real concern. It is important for artist to learn about AI, communicate with their artists organizations and be involved in the legal process of modernizing the law to comply with artists rights and protection, but this is an exciting adventure! Think about a new world like going on the moon! I mean, it is always pleasant to discover that we still have a lot to do, future is ahead and bringing more art into our society can only be beneficial.

The following are the new drawings added to the gallery. Thank you to consider buying my art or to sponsor the publication of my books.

If you like the content of this website, please consider to make a donation. I have setup a Gofundme page, a Givebutter page, an individual Stripe page, a business Stripe page (for donations from businesses with tax information), a Paypal page, a donation by SMS system (text 3WORDSADAY to 53-555). I am not begging, I am explaining how it is important to continue manipulating images with AI for a good cause. This involves hours and hours of hard work, a good state of mind and a purpose. Art and documentaries are my purpose.

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